Join us on the Aboriginal Spiritual Pilgrimage

Posted on May 13, 2014


The Aboriginal Spiritual Pilgrimage provides an opportunity to visit some of the most sacred Aboriginal sites in NSW, including Lake Mungo National Park, Mt Grenville Cave, Mutawintji National Park and engage with the remote Aboriginal community of Menindee. Throughout our journey you will gain a unique insight into one of the world’s oldest living cultures and experience the dynamic diversity of regional identities, communities, languages, local stories and customs. You will also gain a better understanding of Aboriginal spirituality, cultures, values, knowledges and how they marry with our Catholic beliefs.

While on the Spiritual Pilgrimage you will engage with remote Aboriginal communities which will raise awareness and understanding of the everyday life of Aboriginal people living in these communities. You will be building relationships which will enable a deep understanding and knowledge of the disadvantage that Aboriginal people have to overcome living in remote communities, and the adverse effects resulting from failure from governments to address the issues of education & health amongst Aboriginal people. You will be able to discuss and experience the social, educational and economic opportunities for Aboriginal people living in remote communities and engage in activities to help increase understanding.

Aims of the Spiritual Pilgrimage

For participants to:
– increase recognition and respect for Aboriginal protocols, identities, cultures, value and knowledge with Aboriginal people
– identify the educational and pastoral care needs of Aboriginal students and their families
– develop a deep understanding of the cultural differences in remote Aboriginal communities
– strengthen personal & professional relationships
– enhance cultural learning opportunities.

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