Liturgy Conference Proceedings

December 20, 2013


In June, the ACM hosted a conference on liturgy for Aboriginal people working in ministries and education from Victoria, Queensland and NSW. The gathering was a celebration of all the great things that Aboriginal ministries are doing and provided a wonderful opportunity for people to share successes, ideas and resources. During the few days the […]

The dismantling of the Land Rights Act (NT) 1976 forum

November 29, 2013


On Wednesday Graeme and I attended a forum held by ‘concerned Australians’. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear Utopia Elder Rosalie Kunoth-Monks speak about her concerns with 99 year leases and other challenges communities are facing. It was also an opportunity to hear expert legal and political analysis of the Federal Government’s proposed 99 year leases. Below […]

Concerns over 99 year leases_dismantling the Land Rights Act

November 8, 2013


Currently in the Northern Territory the Federal Government is in the process of ‘negotiating’ 99 year leases with some communities. Concerns have been raised about the process of engaging communities in these negotiations. Previously, the Government has talked about a blitz in communities to get these leases signed leading to a perception of haste in […]

The Northern Territory education system continues to fail Aboriginal children

November 1, 2013


Earlier this week the Council for Australian Governments (COAG) released its latest report Education in Australia 2012: Five years of performance. Key points the report highlighted are: There has been no improvement in school attendance rates of Indigenous students. In fact, the Northern Territory (NT) has gaps greater than 10% in every year. Worst affected […]

Remembering Conaci and Dirimera

August 21, 2013


A reflection on the anniversary of Dirimera’s death, Graeme Mundine It was some time in the early 1990s when I first heard the story of two young Nyungar boys, Francis Xavier Conaci and John Baptist Dirimera. The boys became Benedictine monks and were taken from New Norcia in West Australian to Europe in 1849. Gabby Willaway, […]

Keeping them Home – What have we learnt from Bringing them Home?

May 20, 2013


KEEPING THEM HOME The most recent data shows that the number of children being moved into out-of-home care in the Northern Territory has just about doubled since 2007. Two-thirds of these children are being placed with non-Indigenous families away from their communities. Elder Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra, as spokesperson for Yolngu Makarr Dhuni calls for […]

Australians all let us rejoice?

January 25, 2013


Thoughts on Survival Day by ACM EO Graeme Mundine Australians All Let us Rejoice?